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MEO Class 2 Orals

  • What is permissible length, floodable length, FOS, permeability and unit of permeability?
  • EEDI, SEEMP, EEOI, Unit of EEDI, how EEDI calculated?
  • Co2 system maintenance, weighing of Co2 bottle, radio Isotope method, Pressure testing of co2 system?
  • Unused ballast tank to be inspected. As a 2E what is the procedure to inspect the tank?
  • Why Ism? What are the measure elements of ISM?
  • Lifeboat lowering, davit comes down first why
  • explain hydrostatic curve
  • Maintenance as 2/E on fire extinguishers
  • Radius of Gyration? How to calculate. Relation with Time Period and how to alter?
  • Static & Dynamic stability. Angle of Loll.
  • Intact stability ? Criteria??
  • Reserve dynamic stability and relation with Wind Heeling Moment?
  • CO2 system maintenance.
  • Header assembly diagram? Function of each part of CO2 Bottle.
  • Maintenance on Lifeboat Davit .Testing of Brakes. Checks as 2/E.
  • Additional safety for bulk carrier
  • Inclining experiment
  • Loadline survey preparation
  • Enclosed lifeboat checks during survey
  • Dcp extinguisher overhaul
  • What is the Solas requirement of emergency bilge pump in ship ? (Wanted to know about the allowed suction lift)
  • Types of portable fire extinguisher used in ship and their weights
  • What type of anchor was in your ship ?
  • Latest amendment of MARPOL Annex 6
  • Lifeboat survey preparations
  • Co2 system total flooding precautions
  • Stiff ship
  • Difference between EPIRB and SART
  • Enclosed space entry procedures.... Permits.. SMS.. what is enclosed space?
  • What is critical temperature of CO2. And why required ? What will happen if exceeded

  • Vit and super vit? adjustments?
  • intercooler after cooler purpose..
  • boiler automatic combustion control
  • scavenge fire
  • steering gear regulations..50% 100% redundancy
  • what is miller cycle?what u will do to increase the air flow to compensate for low air flow and power loss.
  • why ridge is forming on liner bcz of fuel problem.he want to listen cat fins.from where it came to fuel .how u will minimise it.
  • rotary vane steering many vane are sealing is provided..
  • two stage air compressor how intermediate stage pressure is getting.why need to do calculation.what is regulation for compressor.capacity of air bottle for reversible engine.
  • pupose of tev?function of tev.?
  • axial thurst is taken by what in screw pump.
  • alpha lubricator, cylinder oil lubrication will depend on what factor, position and frequency of injections.
  • boiler water level valve positioner.
  • purifier driving mechanism, arrangements of bearing, vibration is taken care by what.
  • rotary vane steering gear what will happen if two vanes.
  • Why thrust is more in astern direction
  • VIT,purpose. Vit rack,fuel rack and pressure index. Graph and details.
  • Alpha lubricator inputs and outputs.oil pressure, hydraulic pressure.
  • boiler alkalinity test why we do?what all types of alkalinity is there? details?
  • radial face and lip seal difference in oil lubricated stern tube?details.
  • steel composition. Percentage and use of manganese,vanadium and molybdenum.
  • Difference between scum blowdown, flash blowdown and complete blowdown.Chemicals used.
  • What is liquid ring in pUrifier.
  • Function of micro switches ,block valves ,and interlocks .What is the position of each?
  • Function of brine ejector ,ejector pump and distillate pump in FWG.
  • Babbit metal composition, name different type of babbit metal
  • Exhaust valve is leaking,what are the indications? Give one sure shot way of finding out exhaust valve is leaking. Cross questions on draw card and all
  • Explain exhaust valve shrouding
  • Explain exhaust valve tuning? 
  • Asked which type of engine done, asked with long stroke engine what are the advantages? Then asked specifically what is the advantage for the ship due to long stroke
  • Stay tube in boiler
  • Ogee ring in boiler
  • Cylinder lubricator
  • Fuel oil circulation through fuel injector
  • Muff coupling
  • Mischell thrust block
  • Arrangement for quick lifting and quick closing of safety valve
  • common rail system all details. how fuel oil timing and index done in this system.
  • shock valve in steering gear
  • closed and open loop system. explain with example.
  • Exhaust tuning system explain how it functions and effects.
  • Caustic embrittlement details.
  • advantage of high topland in piston,why earlier manufacture did not do this?
  • what is intelligent engine,what conditions it has to satisfy to be called intelligent engine?
  • Cylinder lubrication in ME,How oil is supplied to individual piston pump of quills?
  • why trunk type boilers are curved at ends.
  • Working of axial piston pump.
  • Draw and explain working of vane pump.

  • ME main bearing removal
  • purifier vibrations causes
  • foaming in boiler .reasons and action
  • how to weld aluminium and steel
  • Air bottle survey,
  • Cylinder liner crack, repairs done
  • Propeller blade crack, repair to be carried out
  • Anchor chain survey
  • Name the link next to anchor
  • Liner cracked how to repair
  • Safety valve pressure setting adjustment
  • Timing check of jerk type fuel pump
  • Checks before fitting keyed propeller
  • How to order a hammer and how to specify
  • Surface preparation of the hull before painting in dry dock
  • sludge coming out from the water outlet in purifier. Reasons?
  • Heat treatment processes.
  • Rudder maintenance in dry dock.
  • How to order any 5 basic engine room tools.
  • On taking over an old ship, it’s generator not able to take load more than 50%, as units exhaust temperatures increasing. What all
  • basic check will done to find the cause of problem.
  • How will you know, whether the chain drive elongated or not.
  • Sfoc calculation
  • Stuffing box overhaul and checks
  • Checks after generator decarb
  • Keyless propeller fitting
  • reason of exhaust valve cracking
  • why plate type heat exchanger have higher temp. Coeff.
  • main bearing takeout procedure
  • arrangement of electric heater coil in evaporator tube for defrosting
  • Scavange port choked how will you know
  • How to know intermediate shaft bearing load
  • Liner checks during overhaul
  • Ovality of connecting rod


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