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Operating Principle of Centripetal pump

The centripetal pump is used in purifiers or clarifiers. It discharges the clarified oil under pressure. It operates on the reverse principle as a centrifugal pump. In a centrifugal pump, the impeller which has inclined vanes rotates in a stationary casing. The liquid being pumped flows out from within the pump through the impeller vanes channels. The reverse is the case with the centripetal pump. It is fixed to the hood of the separator and its disc which is provided with the channels is immersed in the liquid rotating with the bowl. The oil is peeled off by centripetal pump and flows into its spiral channels from outside, its kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy. When back pressure is low, the depth of immersion of the centripetal pump in the oil is small. It can, however, be increased by throttling the valve in the discharge line. In this way, a good liquid seal is obtained and the liquid does not come into contact with the air and remains free of foam. In addition