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Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries

Connection to be checked for tightness.  Casing surface to be kept clean.  Terminals are protected with petroleum jelly or Vaseline.  Specific gravity to be check with hydrometer. 1.21 Charged Condition & 1.18 Discharged Condition  Batteries to be topped up with distilled water.  Check & clear vents to ensure H2 gas produced is vented.  Safeties to be observed while operation & maintenance. i. Use hand gloves & safety goggles while adding distilled water,    shifting of battery, or checking sp. Gravity. ii. Use insulated spanners to tighten terminals (No Sparking, short-circuiting should take place) iii. Use plastic bottle or jar to add distilled water. iv. Should not be left in discharged condition for long period. v. If adding acid, then first put little Acid, then add water & do the same process. vi. No naked lights to be taken inside. vii. No smoking inside

Water-tight VS Weather-tight Doors

Watertight Door Weather tight  Door A watertight door prevents the passage of water when exposed to head of water. A typical head of water for a ship could range from 3-10 meters(tested up to 20 meters resistance) A weather tight door is designed to be located on the deck of the ship above the waterline, where they can be subject to the adverse weather conditions experienced offshore. Watertight doors are tested using a pressure tank where a hydrostatic pressure can be applied to the door. Weather tight doors are also designed to withstand brief submersion experience from green seas. This means a weather tight door can withstand a small head of water(generally no higher than the height of the door) The door is generally pressurized form the inside as this is worst case scenario. A weather tight door is generally tested with a high pressure hose, which is directed at the seal.

Lifeboat Equipment's

Sufficient buoyant oars  2 boat hook.  2 Buckets  6 Hand Flares  2 Rocket parachutes  2 smoke signals.  EPIRB  SART  Food Ration.  1 knife and 3 tin opener.  Hand Pump  Tow line  Anti-sea sickness tablets  1 set of fishing tackles.  Waterproof torch  Day light signalling lamp.  Radar reflector  First Aid Kit  Tools  Compass  Sea Anchor  1 Whistle  Portable fire extinguisher  Thermal Protective aid