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Sulzer RT-flex engines benefits

Benefits of Sulzer Rt-flex engines Smokeless operation Reduced running costs Lower running speeds High reliability and redundancy Common rail Fuel pumps Electronic injection control Ideal for heavy oil Exhaust valve actuation and servo oil systems Ease of installation Smokeless operation A clearly visible benefit is smokeless operation at all ship speeds. The superior combustion performance with the common-rail system is achieved by maintaining the fuel injection pressure at the optimum level right across the engine speed range. In addition, the selective shut-off of single injectors and an optimized exhaust valve timing help to keep smoke emissions below the visible limit at very low speeds.  Sulzer RT-flex engines also comply more easily with the NOX emission limit in Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention, with the best possible trade-off between fuel consumption and NOX emissions at all loads. Reduced running costs Reduced running costs of Sulzer RT-flex engine

Gravity Disc

Oils containing water can only be de-watered in a perfect manner if the bowl is accurately adjusted to the difference in densities of oil and water. The gravity disc with proper inner diameter i.e. with the diameter that corresponds to the difference in densities of the oil-water mixture to be treated should, therefore, be inserted in the bowl, This disc can be chosen from the set of disc provided with the separator. The inner diameter of the disc to be chosen can be determined by:  Calculation   Experiment The general rule is : Small diameter gravity disc when treating heavy oil Large diameter regulating ring when treating light oil Determining the size of gravity disc by calculation: For a given separating temperature, the inner diameter of the gravity disc and if the desired density of the oil can be determined from the diagram, provided that the density of the oil at a temperature ranging 15℃ and 90℃ is known. For example; Given: Density of oil at 20℃            ρ oil