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Illustrate the provision kept towards establishing procedures for identification and testing of "critical" equipment under ISM Code. How the list of critical equipment and systems are made and on what factors are they dependent?

1. A new chapter management for the safe operation of ships was added to SOLAS and the amendments introducing the new chapter IX entered into force on 1st July 1998. The chapter made mandatory the International Safety Management Code which established the following objectives: to provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working  environment to establish safeguards against all identified risks to continuously improve safety management skills of personnel, including preparing for emergencies 2. Critical equipment/system is that, the sudden failure of which may result in a hazardous situation. These are the equipments, whose failure can cause an accident or result in a hazardous situation, thereby causing injury to personnel or loss of life or damage to the marine environment or property. 3. As per, Element 10.3 of the ISM code, It is the responsibility of the company to establish procedures in the Safety Management System to identity such systems and/or eq

In an unfortunate incident of Main Engine Crank case explosion on your vessel, the main engine was badly damaged and two engine room personnel suffered serious injuries. Explain how you will present the vessel for subsequent inspections by P&I and H&M insurance companies with special emphasis on the records and documents required in each case to ensure that only genuine claims are honoured?

In spite of taking all safety measures and following all correct procedures, sometimes unfortunate incidents do occur onboard a ship. These result in personal injuries and machinery damage. After every incident, investigations take place and insurance claims are raised. The insurance underwriters appoint damage surveyors who come on board and do their investigation. In the process of doing it, they ask for all the relevant documents. Suppose a main engine crankcase explosion has taken place on your ship in which the main engine was badly damaged and two engine room personnel suffered serious injuries. Now, you will have to present your vessel for subsequent inspections by P&I and H&M insurance companies. We will see step by step what all should be done after the incidence:- a. Take care of persons injured:- Since persons are seriously injured, give them first aid and ask for medical advice from a rescue center. Give the information to the owner and charterer and s

What do you understand by unseaworthy vessel within the meaning of the MSA 1958 as amended? What according to you is the difference between unseaworthy and unsafe ship? What are the obligation of the owner to crew with respect seaworthiness?

In the M.S. Act 1958 of India as amended the meaning of unseaworthy ship and unsafe ship is as follows:- Under section 334 a ship is said to be unseaworthy "when the materials of which she is made, her construction, the qualification of the master, the number, description, and qualification of the crew including officers, the weight, description, and stowage of the cargo and ballast, the condition of her hull and equipment, boilers and machinery are not such as to render her in every respect fit for the proposed voyage or service." Under section 336, an unsafe ship may be defined an unsafe ship, that is to say, is by reason of the defective condition of her hull, equipment or machinery, or by reason of overloading or improper loading, unfit to proceed to sea without serious danger to human life, having regard to the nature of service for which she is intended. Now we will discuss the difference of unseaworthy ship and unsafe ship in detail.  First, we will see t

Differentiate between annual, intermediate, renewal, damage and repair surveys?

Annual Survey :- The purpose of the annual survey is to do the general inspection of items related to a particular certificate to ensure that they have been maintained and remain satisfactory for service for which the ship is intended Annual surveys are to be carried out within a window from three months before to three months after each anniversary date. It is carried out by a class surveyor. At the time of annual surveys, the ship is generally examined. The survey includes an inspection of the hull, equipment, and machinery of the ship and some witnessing of tests, so far as is necessary and practical in order to verify that, in the opinion of the attending surveyor(s) the ship is in a general condition which satisfies the Rule requirements. Intermediate Survey :- Intermediate survey is a survey including visual examinations, measurements, and testing as applicable, of the hull and equipment, machinery and systems, in order to confirm that the ship complies with th