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Uploading of Documents and e- payment of fee for MEO Class IV COC examination

This facility is started onwards 28th April 2016 for new seafarer who are going to apply MEO Class IV part-A and part-B for assessment. Earlier you have to visit in-person to MMD, whichever is nearer to your location to apply for assessment which is very time consuming and expensive sometimes. After this facility is launch, you can upload your document on e-Pariksha portal. Without having successfully uploaded the mandatory documents, candidate application will not be accepted for assessment. After the online submission,your document will be reviewed. once the application is approved, the candidate can book seat for written and oral examination. At the time of assessment keep your original documents and one copy of self-attested photocopy of uploaded document with you. 1. Login to account using  e-Pariksha Logincredentials . e-Pariksha link: 2. Click on Application tab and then select Application Form sub-tab. 3.Go to Personal Particulars

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) become mandatory for implementation from 1st January, 2013 . A SEEMP provides a possible approach for monitoring ship and fleet efficiency performance over time and some options to be considered when seeking to optimize the performance of the ship . The purpose of a SEEMP is to establish a mechanism for a company and/or a ship to improve the energy efficiency of a ship's operation. Preferably, the ship-specific SEEMP is linked to a broader corporate energy management policy for the company that owns, operates or controls the ship, recognizing that no two shipping companies are the same, and that ships operate under a wide range of different conditions. The SEEMP should be developed as a ship-specific plan by the company. The SEEMP seeks to improve a ship's energy efficiency through four steps: Planning Implementation Monitoring   Self-evaluation and improvement . Structure of SEEMP

Colour coding used on-board Ships

Engine room has maze of pipe lines so for better understanding for the crew. The pipe line are generally coloured depending of type of fluid they are carrying. This is not only important for the crew, but also for the people less familiar with the ship. To achieve this all the pipes have colour either painted or coloured tape that stands for the liquid in that pipe. Blue                        Fresh Water Green                      Sea Water Sliver                      Steam     Brown                    Bunker                           Maroon                   Heavy fuel oil or Residual oil                                                       Pink                        Diesel oil Yellow                    Lube oil White                      Compressed Air Black                       Sludge or Bilge  Red                          Fire Main For some ships it may vary slightly , but in general it remains same.

Procedure for online Re-validation of all Engineering grade Certificate of Competency (COC)

Go to Click e-Governance link and login. Click “ COC and COC Re-validation ” link Click on " Application for Re-validation of Certificate of Competency " Select the Grade of COC to be re-validated and click “ Continue ” button. Fill the required data and submit the application. Pay the fees online and upload the required relevant documents using the link “ Pay COC & COP fees, Upload Documents and view status ”. The date of uploading of document will be application submitted date. Application status can be viewed using link “ Pay COC & COP fees, Upload Documents and view status ”. After assessing your documents the MMD, will send you re-validation sticker of COC by speed post and you will also receive a confirmatory mail including speed post tracking details. Upon receiving the re-validation sticker, paste the sticker on blank page of your COC.

Procedure for online application for issuance of Certificate of Competency (COC)

1.    Login to account using e-Pariksha Logincredentials . e-Pariksha link: 2. Click on Certification tab and then select Fee Detail sub-tab. Click on pay button which will redirect to bill desk and pay the fee for COC application. 3.    After the payment, click on COC application Form sub-tab. 4.  Click on page-2 at the bottom of the application form. 5.    Click on the submit button at the bottom of the page-2 to apply for COC. 6.  Click on the Print Option to print the COC application form in case you wish to keep a hard copy of COC application. 7.  The COC shall be dispatched by speed post and the applicant will receive a confirmatory mail including speed post trackingdetails. EXN-45 booklet you have to collect in-person from the MMD, you have applied.

Procedure for of online written and oral seat booking by Candidates

Step 1: Login to account using e-Pariksha Login credentials Step 2: Click on “booking” tab then select “List” sub-tab, click on “Book” button for any written function Step 3: On clicking the “Book” link, below window will appear Step 4: Select “Single” if you want to book the paper which you clicked or Select “Multiple” to book multiple Papers. Note: You have to complete the booking within 10 minutes. Booking single paper If you select “Single” the following screen will appear. Step 5: Click on the “Select” slot. The Available slots will be displayed as shown below. Step 6: After selecting a slot, click on “Book” button to provisionally block the seat. When you click on “Book” the following screen will appear. To see the booking details again, click on the “Booked” link. The following screen will appear Step 7: Click on “Proceed To Payment” for fee payment Step 8: On clicking the “Pay” button, you will be redirected to payment gateway. Note: If

Refrigeration Compressor Safeties

Oil differential cut out : This safety is again for compressor as it is the only machinery in the circuit having rotational parts which requires continuous lubrication. In the event of low supply or no supply of lube oil to the bearing, the differential pressure will increase and activates a trip signal to safeguard the bearing and crankshaft .  The  Oil Differential Pressure switch compares the measured lubricating oil pressure to the Suction (crankcase) pressure. Should the differential pressure fall below a pre-set minimum (about 1.2 bar) then the compressor will trip and require a manual reset to restart.  A time delay is built into the circuit to allow sufficient time for the lubricating oil pressure to build up when starting before arming the circuit. High pressure or HP cut out : high pressure cut out activates and trips the compressor when the discharge side pressure increases above the limit value. The HP cut out is not auto reset and has to be done manually. Th