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Precautions Before Bunkering

All deck scuppers to be plugged after draining off any water accumulation on deck. Adequate save-all to be used while connecting or disconnecting bunker hoses. Check Bunker hoses for any damage. Attention to be paid to the tightness of the bunker hoses due to tidal effects. Communication and Emergency shut down signal between ship and shore to be established and fully understood. Tank vent pipes to be kept open to ensure escape of gases. Bunker Loading Plan or Chart to be prepared of the tanks in which bunkers are to be taken with present soundings and sounding at 85% of full capacity of the tank. No internal oil transfer to be carried out during bunkering operation. All unnecessary valves to be kept shut. Fire Fighting , pollution control and oil spill equipment to be kept ready. NO SMOKING SIGN TO BE DISPLAYED. Day / Night signal to be exhibited